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Ancient Egypt is the origin of Christianity Formulas instead of dogma The Bible was born from the Kemetic spiritual system and science You are divine in the Kemetic spiritual system. As a Christian, you were taught to have what amounted to blind faith in what you were taught about the bible and your religion.

But now you are having a crisis of faith and have doubts about those teachings that keep you awake at night or cause you guilt and shame to a point that you become sick to the stomach. But you have no idea where to fact check the bible or the religion of Christianity. What Is Ancient Khemet? There are millions of Christians and former Christians in the same boat of having doubts and living with anxiety. You have no idea where to go or even how to start getting answers for those doubts, fears.

In this article, you will learn the origin of a few ideas claimed to be revelations and new to Christianity when they were not.

What is Kemetic Spirituality? – Shrines and The 11 Laws of God

You will also get some basic resources that will allow you to begin fact-checking the bible and Christianity if you choose to delve deeper. Click here to learn about a fantastic Khemetic e-course that will take months off your learning curve Christianity was new on the scene in world religions. But what you have as Christianity is a fringe aspect of an African spiritual system that was misunderstood, misinterpreted, and oftentimes changed in response to feuds with other spiritual systems Gnosticism of that day.

The reason Christianity can hold people in beyond the fear is that they keep juuuuust enough of the ancient spiritual truths in to support the misinformation. But make no mistake, the new dogmatic information of Christianity is not true. The Kemetic spiritual system is the basis of the Christian religion. If you ever want to fact check Christianity you can do so through the ancient Kemetic spiritual system and science. Just about everything in the bible, be it personages, Christian traditions, and holidays originated from the ancient Kemetic spiritual system.

I was raised as a Christian. It is the foundation of my entry into spirituality.

Is Jesus Just a Copy of the Pagan Gods

I am no longer Christian and at a point in my past, I considered myself an atheist. I now consider myself a member of the spiritual but not religious S. Even during that time period of being an atheist, I still had an underlying belief that there was something greater than me. Spiritual but not religious simply means I no longer affiliate myself with any religious group but live life from a spiritual perspective that is without the need for dogma and the guilt, shame, or fear religion creates.

As a Christian, I was taught to accept and believe it all or you have nothing. That is a part of the dogma and I have found is not true. There is a much richer and deeper spiritual connection beyond the dogma. Through the ancient Kemetic spiritual system I learned the original intent and knowledge of what became many Christian doctrines.No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission address above except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

All inquiries may be addressed to the address above. The author is available for group lectures and individual counseling. For further information contact the publisher. This was the catalyst for a successful book series on the subject called "Egyptian Yoga" begun in He has extensively studied mystical religious traditions from around the world and is an accomplished lecturer, musician, artist, poet, painter, screenwriter, playwright and author of over 40 books on yoga philosophy, religious philosophy and social philosophy based on ancient African principles.

A leading advocate of the concept of the existence of advanced social and religious philosophy in ancient Africa comparable to the Eastern traditions such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, he has lectured and written extensively on the correlations of these with ancient African religion and philosophy.

He is also a Teacher of Yoga Philosophy and Discipline. Ashby is an adjunct professor at the American Institute of Holistic Theology and worked as an adjunct professor at the Florida International University. Since he has researched Ancient Egyptian musical theory and created a series of musical compositions which explore this unique area of music from ancient Africa and its connection to world music.

Through his studies of the teachings of the great philosophers of the world and meeting with and studying under spiritual masters and having practiced advanced meditative disciplines, Dr. He believes that it is important to understand all religious teachings in the context of human historical, cultural and social development in order to promote greater understanding and the advancement of humanity.

Table of Contents Biography of Dr. Muata Ashby Dja Ashby based on Lesson Dja Ashby based on lesson Parameters of the Discipline of the T. B -Right-Asar as resurrected King anthropomorphic iconography. The Composite Divinity-Heru and Set in one personality. Reret chains Set Figure Geb and Nut just after their separation, depicting the penis Technu of Geb B Also, the water damage can be seen in the form of vertical indentations in the sides of the monument Heru is the defenderThe Egyptians depict brown people on their walls so it is fair to say from evidence that there were a large number of black people in Ancient Kemet at the time.

Khemetic Spiritual System is the Basis of the Christian Religion

See the links below of the summary from those that have studied ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Isis Moon concept.

Click for link. As noted the Kings of Dynasty 25 wore two cobras on all of their representations, and were the first royal men to do so. On the tomb chapel of Amenirdis she and her successor Shepenwepet both wear the crown of the god above. As goddesses on the relief the two women are shown with the divine vulture and headdress. However, on statuary they were shown with two cobras and a vulture.

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African ancestors created spirituality and religion with the launch of the Mystery system, 6, years ago. Ethiopians known as Chaldeans, after colonizing what later became Mesopotamia 6, years ago, fashioned the Persian religion from the Mystery System. The religion passed through several phases including Albigensianism as its last relic before resurfacing as Zoroastrianism about years ago.

Ethiopians known now in India as the Dravidians, invaded India between and BCE, to establish a civilization in the Indus Valley see Pears Cyclopaedia, Pelham Booksand give India, Hinduism, which combines elements of their beliefs: the caste system, circumcision, magic, witchcraft, with the influence of the Osirian Mystery System.

Hindus are polytheists who worshipped a number of nature-gods, including the cow. His features, including his thick lips, confirm his Dravidian origin. He gave India Buddhism.

ancient kemet bible pdf

He preached that destiny was the synonym of Nature and that Nature decides ones class in life. Prayer is unhelpful in this regard but destiny once received could willfully be prevailed upon for wider choices.

Man, not God, writes history, and history is always from the perspective of the conqueror, not the conquered. During the reign of Constantine, and over three hundred years after the alleged crucifixion of Jesus, the Christian population had grown to the extent of posing serious threat to the unity of Rome. The Christians were constantly warring with the Pagans and threatening to tear Rome apart.

Constantine, a smart opportunist, decided to tinker with both religions to create a monster one. Constantine produced a sacred entity outside the scope of the human world whose power was therefore unchallengeable by mere mortals, and called it the Roman Catholic Church. The problem at the time, was whether Auset, who was the Virgin Birth Mother in the ancient African Mystery System, imbibed by the Jovian Mystery, which was being adapted by the Church Bishops, should continue to take precedence over her son Heru, as in the ancient African myth.

Jesus became born in Bethlehem and acquired higher rank than his contrived mother. He was supposed to be her first child and to have been miraculously conceived.

ancient kemet bible pdf

His foster-father was given the name Joseph, and the carpentry profession, to appeal to humility.No, I am not a Satanist nor trying to open your mind to Satanism.

What I want to do is give you factual, researched information that will free you from the dogma of Christianity. Christian misrepresentation of ancient African spiritual concepts is the cause of much confusion in the western world. Not understanding the basic principles is the cause of much confusion in the conscious community. It will be easy to see that Lucifer; Imhotep; and Jesus are all representations of one basic Khemetic principle but have different names based on the stage or level being expressed within the highly sophisticated yet elegant Kemetic framework.

Kemetic symbolism has basic fundamental frameworks that will help you delve deeper into the wisdom of the ancestors and your own.

This idea is common to a number of African spiritual traditions. One of the confusing aspects of understanding the Kemetic system is people not recognizing the basic principles and the framework of the symbolism.

Symbolically, the one leg of Ptah and Ausar is based on a framework. One leg becomes a clue as to how you should view the symbols no matter where they are in stories and myths.

But you must look at the system as an organized science of knowledge and not a religion, or a primitive group of people unable to comprehend the deep metaphysical concepts.

The truth is the Kemetic spiritual science is extremely sophisticated and nuanced. The sophistication comes from the symbolic expression of the ideas. In modern times we focused on words and verbal expression of ideas.

It is left-brained, logical, and rigid.

The ancient Kemetic principle that connects Lucifer, Imhotep, and Jesus

Most people in ancient times could not read and write. Words and language can be a very limiting way to express concepts that are multifaceted. Whereas words lend to expressing ideas linearly, symbols can express ideas multidimensionally. For example, I write about a scene on a spring day with the birds chirping, the sun shining on my face with a breeze blowing and the freshness of the air all around me. In writing, I just expressed these events linearly, one after the other.

But, they all were going on simultaneously and with multiple levels of experience. I have to express it linearly with language as well. But a symbol or a picture comes close to putting you in a state of experiencing the scene as it happens through your imagination.Kemetic spirituality attracts those of African descent, as it provides a cultural and religious connection to the spirituality of lost societies of African ancestry, but it is practiced by many races around the world, and the approach of adherents is varied.

Kemetic spirituality is sometimes called Neterism or Egyptian Neo-paganism. Food offerings and prayers are made daily at these shrines. Kemetism sometimes incorporates elements from WiccaNew Age thinking, and yoga. Ancient Egypt features prominently in the Old Testament as a nation that worshiped false deities, some of which may have been related to actual demonic presences Daniel Of course, the Bible condemns the worship of gods other than Yahweh Exodus23; Idolatry caused a continual rift between God and His people because they had a tendency to accept the gods of neighboring nations and worship them alongside the Lord, despite clear instructions to the contrary Numbers Kemetic spirituality revives the old failed gods of Egypt, props up their images, and worships them again.

Kemetic spirituality is a false way that does not honor the true God and cannot provide salvation John Share this page on:. Find Out How to All rights reserved. Privacy Policy This page last updated: January 2, Image via Wikimedia Commons. Edited by Matthew A. In prehistoric times pre BCEmany different cultures lived in Egypt along the Nile River, and became progressively more sedentary and reliant on agriculture. By the time of the Early Dynastic Period, these cultures had solidified into a single state.

The prehistory of Egypt spans from early human settlements to the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt c. It is equivalent to the Neolithic period, and is divided into cultural periods, named after locations where Egyptian settlements were found. This period began around 30, BCE. Ancient, mobile buildings, capable of being disassembled and reassembled were found along the southern border near Wadi Halfa. They appeared to be settled people, descended from the Khormusan people, and spawned the Ibero-Marusian industry.

Material remains from these people include stone tools, flakes, and rock paintings. The Qadan culture practiced wild-grain harvesting along the Nile, and developed sickles and grinding stones to collect and process these plants. These people were likely residents of Libya who were pushed into the Nile Valley due to desiccation in the Sahara.

The Sebilian culture also known as Esna gathered wheat and barley. Expansion of the Sahara desert forced more people to settle around the Nile in a sedentary, agriculture-based lifestyle. Around BCE, Neolithic settlements began to appear in great number in this area, likely as migrants from the Fertile Crescent returned to the area. Weaving occurred for the first time in this period, and people buried their dead close to or within their settlements. People lived in small huts, created simple pottery, and had stone tools.

ancient kemet bible pdf

They had cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs, and planted wheat, sorghum, and barley. The first Egyptian life-size clay head comes from this culture. People lived in huts, and had undecorated pottery and stone tools. Metal was unknown. Copper was used, pottery was simple and undecorated, and people lived in huts.

The dead were buried in cemeteries. The Tasian culture BCE produced a kind of red, brown, and black pottery, called blacktop-ware. From this period on, Upper Egypt was strongly influenced by the culture of Lower Egypt.

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The Badarian culture BCE was similar to the Tasian, except they improved blacktop-ware and used copper in addition to stone. The Amratian culture Naqada I BCE continued making blacktop-ware, and added white cross-line-ware, which featured pottery with close, parallel, white, crossed lines.

Mud-brick buildings were first seen in this period in small numbers. It developed out of Amratian culture, moving south through Upper Egypt. Its pottery was painted dark red with pictures of animals, people and ships. Life was increasingly sedentary and focused on agriculture, as cities began to grow. Mud bricks were mass-produced, copper was used for tools and weapons, and silver, gold, lapis, and faience were used as decorations.

The first Egyptian-style tombs were built. During this period, the process of state formation, begun in Naqada II, became clearer.Joseph is not yuya he is a fictional character by the Hebrews at best maybe based off of some bids from yuya as well as other characters and stories but he like every other character in the Hebrew mythology early on is fictional made up of the Iron Age late iron age really so you're some correction you need to do blessings to you my black brother.

PS the original Hebrews were not even in till late antiquity a lot of stores are fake also the original Hebrews were not black they were light brown very different than black very different then African I'm sorry but that simply the truth I'm just trying to help you out my friend.

Are you crazy. Brown is different from Black as if we are really the color of black. We are truly brown. What are u talking about.

Connor Henderson no yuya spreaded Christianity to the gentiles Yuya himself was herbrew just for your correction go back and comprehend the whole story. Kemet in the Bible section, is to show the connections between the Bible and the Kemetic belief system.

Many if not all story that are in the Bible come directly from Kemet. When referring to the Bible in this topic, it is in reference to the Old Testament. Kemet- the modern day area of Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. Base or stock meaning primary, but mixed ethnically. Joseph name in Hebrew is Yosef! The characters of the Bible are based on the characters of the Ethiopian Bible.

Grand Vizier Yuya lived during the 18th dynastic period. This period also is known as the "Thutmose period".

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He was married to Tjuyu. Yuya was the father to Queen Tiye and her brother Anen. Yuya did live in a town called Akhmin, Upper Kemet.

A History of ‘Kemet’ – Ancient Egypt

His origin, based on his mummies feature are that of a Nubian. This would definitely make him Hebrew from a physical stand point! The original Hebrews are Black African people!

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This information you are about to receive is historical because it directly challenges the Bible. This puts the creditability of the Bible into deep, deep jeopardy. The secret linage of the Hebrew Pharaohs which is not in the Bible nor suggested in the Bible.

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