Gravely mowers vs

There are only so many hours in a day and zero-turn mower technology can help you make the most of them. Easy to learn and operate, zero-turn mowers help you achieve shorter mowing times, use less fuel and cover more ground over the course of the machine's lifetime.

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Take advantage of degree maneuverability and confidently earn your stripes. Welded into the DNA of every Gravely zero-turn mower is the power and performance you need to do the job right.

From easy-to-use controls to dynamic framework to optimized lines of sight, our machines are built smart and strong—right down to the last detail. Zero-Turn Mowers There are only so many hours in a day and zero-turn mower technology can help you make the most of them.

The Gravely Zero-Turn Lineup. Decks: ". View details. Previous Products. Fully Tubular Frame Design High-strength, premium-grade material withstands force from any direction Computer-developed for maximum fatigue life and reinforced stress points. Designed Deck Leveling Optimized grass lift requires less horsepower and better fuel efficiency Simple, minimum wear points make it easier to adjust as necessary.

I have owned many brands of commercial mowers scag, toro, john deere, etc and ive been running a commercial business for almost 10 years. About 3 years ago I bought my first Gravely and ive never lo Overall I looked low and high and Gravely for the money is the best I could find. Solid build construcrionnice comfort I'm 6'4 lbs and I love the room. I purchase the proturn with the Kaw Coming from a Hustler customer I ended up selling my Hustler after purchasing this monster.

Every cut is just as good as the one before. This was a great purchase. My dad has had his Gravely mower for 10 years now and still loves it!!


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Toro vs Gravely?

gravely mowers vs

Messages: 2. Hello all! First time poster. I have both a Toro and a Gravely dealer in my area, each about 20 mins away.

Both have 23hp Kaw engine, zt Trans. Does anyone have experience with these 2 new machines? And in general, preferences of Toro vs Gravely? Last edited: Feb 5, GMullisFeb 5, Messages: Gravely, but I would try a demo from each if at all possible. Even if it's a different model it will give you an idea of the difference GMullis likes this. Messages: 6, I run all Gravely. Actually run 4 have the oldest a hdzt 48 as backup mower. Specifically on the 52" we have 3 of those. Great machines built like tanks.

Unless you get a lemon. You won't regret it.

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Not sure on the model you've mentioned, never saw that one. Could be a consumer grade, but I stand behind Gravely. MowDaddyFeb 5, For a residential unit, Gravely, hands down. I had to replace the cables at just over hours on the Toro while I'm still on my original 9 year old cables on my Gravely. And the Toro uses a ridiculous brake control module which controls all the safety switches that fails all too often due to water intrusion and the plastic gears breaking.

Everything just felt flimsy and cheap on the Toro including the hand operated deck lift. Now if you're comparing commercial units, I prefer Toro over Gravely. It's a whole different ball game when you step up to the commercial line. I've got absolutely no complaints with my Z-Master.Buying Advice. Pro Talk.

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gravely mowers vs

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gravely mowers vs

Hello, I mow between 2. I currently have a JD X tractor with 54" deck. I am looking at moving to a zero turn mower for this summer. I need something that is well built and sturdy commercial. My elderly dad will be using it from time to time so safety and comfort are paramount. I set the following parameters for the models I'm considering: 1.

Exmark vs Gravely Lawn Mower Tractors Review

Dealer in my area 2. Fabricated deck 3. ROPS 4. Seat belt 5.After doing a few rounds of research on different lawn mower brands, you might find yourself leaning towards Gravely products because of their rave reviews.

So, should you go for a Gravely mower because of its positive feedback? This review will help you find out. The first thing that needs addressing is the very reason why people give positive Gravely zero turn reviews.

The answer here is simple: they make solid products that are just hard to beat. The brand is best known for their commercial units, which means that they really pack a punch in their products. Not a lot of brands are preferred for functions that require a lot of power, so this gives Gravely an edge. And if they make excellent products for heavy use, then their residential line will be more than enough for a lot of home users, right?

gravely mowers vs

These products are considered as investments by many, so it would be easy to trust their positive feedback. The Pro-Turn is the top of the line range of the company, offering the best features and performance that you can get from a commercial-grade mower. Most people want a commercial-grade residential unit to ensure durability and longevity.

As the name suggests, this mower is a compact professional unit that is designed for heavy use in lots with loads of obstacles. Contractors who are just starting out in the biz will want a solid equipment to ensure top-notch service, so the Pro-Turn was created.

This entry-level, full-commercial series is an excellent beginner unit as it couples excellent features with a friendly price tag. Built like a tank with a powerful engine, the Pro-Turn is designed to take on jobs big and small.

If the Pro-Turn is too powerful for you but the Pro-Turn lacks in some department, then the Pro-Turn will be a good fit for your needs. This commercial-grade series is designed for professionals who need to get big jobs done quickly and effectively.

As you can see, the glowing Gravely mower reviews have a solid ground to stand on. The products made by this company has proven themselves worthy of high praise and price. View Menu Close Menu. Reasons Why there are Lots of Glowing Gravely Mower Reviews After doing a few rounds of research on different lawn mower brands, you might find yourself leaning towards Gravely products because of their rave reviews. Here are five options you ca 1.

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Gravely ZT HD Most people want a commercial-grade residential unit to ensure durability and longevity. Gravely Compact-Pro As the name suggests, this mower is a compact professional unit that is designed for heavy use in lots with loads of obstacles. Best Selling Mower. Read more reviews.This company is not yet accredited.

See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Do not buy Proturn with Yamaha motor! I purchased a with the new yamaha 33hp motor at the beginning of Since, I had to have the first mower warrantied for a brand new one with another yamaha thinking the first one was a "lemon".

The second one I currently have, ran absolutely horrible as well! My dad and I have used this brand for over 15 years and you would think our loyalty to the brand would've been enough to at least try to make it right. This being said, my dealer had to order a Demo for me to use while it's in the shop, so I don't get even farther behind! Thank God my dealer is willing to make it right because Gravely sure isn't!

We bought the heavy-duty homeowners' model XL, not the commercial line with a roll bar but it has a welded steel deck and Kawasaki engine. From the time we unloaded it at home it was a problem, we didn't know the right front subframe was already cracked and as it sank it changed the parking brake adjustment so there we were with a brand new mower and the brake is stuck. How the dealer could have missed that when they were moving it around is a mystery.

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Of course we had no idea the subframe was cracked so a couple of years later the subframe cracked completely at the right front and left front which made the mower inoperable.

The dealer said it was a known defect but Gravely never issued a recall and we were 2 months past warranty so the dealer said, "Tough luck". Now the right rear subframe corner is cracked so I'm sure we'll get 4 out of 4 if we have it long enough.

What kind of company skimps on weight-bearing steel and then won't stand behind it? On top of that Gravely put a terrible hour meter on the mower, it has an in between key position which only serves to shut off the engine but keeps the hour meter running. So if you accidentally shut off the engine but don't turn the key completely to the left you come back the next week to find hours added so there goes your resale value and maintenance schedule.

I would sooner cut my lawn with a scissors than buy a Gravely. Get buying tips about Riding Mower delivered to your inbox. Problems since day 1. Belts keep jumping off.

Gravely ZTX52 vs ZTXL52

Kawasaki engine has dead cylinder. In shop now. Will not buy another one or recommend them to anyone. Kawasaki says it's my fault belts jump off and bad smoke when starting is normal for those engines. After hours one of the front bracket holding the right drive motor broke.

I took the mower to the dealer. He said I'd need to take it to a welder, and he'd only seen this issue one other time. The following year the back bracket on the right side broke. At the end of the season the fourth and final bracket has broken.Every fall, manufacturers in the outdoor power equipment industry reveal their newest lawn mowers, snow blowers and other new power equipment for The new Gravely Pro-Stance is the newest and most innovative stand on mower of the outdoor power equipment industry.

The third-generation of Pro-Stance comes with the same Gravely reliability, durability and power as its predecessors, but with an entirely new and enhanced user experience. The top story in this machine is its ground-up redesign. Combined with a weight reduction of pounds, users enjoy more confidence and superior hill holding ability, making the Gravely Pro-Stance the best handling stand on mower for any terrain. Taking lead from the rest of the Gravely commercial lineup, the Pro-Stance redesign incorporates simplification in its engineering.

That means slashing its complexity and strengthening it through a reduced number of wear parts present on previous models. Much of this is in the cutting height adjustment system.

Toro vs Gravely?

The arm-operated deck lift lever now comes with a thumb switch that makes it easier to release the deck from its transport position. Pull the lever completely back to lock the deck in its highest position, change its cutting height with a vertical pin cutting height adjustment system same as on Pro-Turn Z and Pro-Turn ZX modelsthen press the button on top of the hand lever to unlock the deck and release it to the cutting height between 1. Fuel savings comes in the form of a new Kawasaki FT EFI commercial engine, which is available on models with 52 and inch deck widths.

This allows operators to carry the whole landscaping setup with them, eliminating the need for trips back to the trailer, then back to the cutting area to finish trimming, blowing and trash collection.

Included in the new Pro-Stance lineup is a never-before-offered inch stand on lawn mower model. All new Atlas JSV models received upgrades through the entire powertrain. A one-piece ROPS chassis has more rigidity, reduced noise and nicely compliments a new and improved suspension package.

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Identical keys across every JSV model and serial number eliminates worry and headache that can come from a lost key, and a common tire size for all four corners of the machine gives more value to any one spare. Part of our wish in redesigning the Atlas JSV was to make it better for our users.

What we came up with is a better digital display, rejuvenated interior styling, added seat comfort and an additional five inches of space for work boots in the footwells.

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Finally, two of the four models come with EPS, or electronic power steering, standard. Ready to break the speed of sound? The only difference comes in a unique deck design, known as a tunnel deck, which is designed to process more difficult grass breeds and higher grass volumes more efficiently.

The enhanced grass lifting ability is just one characteristic of a tunnel deck that results in a premium cut quality.

From 5. This assures thicker and longer material can be cut effectively, efficiently and with even grass dispersion. Built with the same Gravely reliability durability and power as the big boys, the Pro-Turn Z series is built on a commercial, fully welded steel tubular frame rail, features constant belt tension and offers users a comfortable ride from yard to yard. Compared to a panel style filter in the engine of the first model, a two-stage canister filter catches more dust and debris in dusty work environments, enhancing protection to the engine, extending its life and efficiency.

Available in 42, 52 and now a inch deck size, the Gravely ZT X keeps the strength of its single-piece, fully welded steel tubular frame rail and power from a Kawasaki or Kohler engine.

Operators will also enjoy the added comfort of its new, high-back seat. These four rubber vibration isolators between the seat and the seat mounting plate on the mower absorb some of the vibration from mowing instead of transferring it to the operator — ensuring comfortable mowing in yards up to five acres.

Get out ahead with the latest news and promotions from Gravely Sign Up.Here we are going to look at two big lawn tractors brands on the market today, and this a Gravely vs Exmark comparison. We will break down the features of it and complete with a comparison of some of the features they have in common.

The purpose of the article is to aid you in figuring out which of the two mowers in the right companion for you. You also cover more ground with less fuel.

The machines are also built to be both smart and reliable down to every detail. The dynamic controls are easy to use, and you also get optimized lines of sight so that you can get those stripes, diamond or checker designs just right. The three features that the Gravely brand thrives on. It means that the mower can withstand force from any direction thanks to the high-strength and premium grade materials used to make the mower.

The other aspect is that the Gravely mowers are computer-developed, so the stress points are reinforced while the mower has maximum fatigue life. There is an optimized grass lift, and it requires less horsepower to achieve.

New Kubota or Gravely Zero Turn, Which One?

In general, it also constitutes for better fuel efficiency. You can get better work for less gas, something that is welcome, particularly for those with large lawns to mow. There are equally less wear points so you can make general adjustments without having to worry about it breaking down over time.

It is the superior welded tubular frame that gives the lawn tractor integrity ideal for residential use. It is self-adjusting belts that ensure constant tension and also consistent blade tip speed.

That translates to longer belt life and even exact cutting results. It delivers superior airflow and a reinforced leading edge that helps in handling challenging mowing conditions. Even on wet grass, you can still get a perfect cut. What about the gears? Gravely uses a Hydro-Gear ZT Transmissions where the speeds are within reach for you to switch comfortably.

Exmark works with the customers to give them the best mower that they can get in the industry. That is something the brand calls the Exmark Advantage. It also means that you, as the customer, can also share your feedback and contribute to the design of upcoming models. Another thing that guides the innovation the company seeks is the changing trends and the needs of turf care.

They also look to the future to ensure that they are head of others in the industry. Comfort is an area where Exmark excel. They understand that you could be on the lawn tractor for a long time and you need the support to get the job done.

That translates to professionals and homeowners being comfortable and being able to have a profitable and even productive mowing experience. What you get at the end are durability, reliability, and efficiency. It is also this kind of innovation that has the brand among the top in the market.

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